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Welcome to the Community Center of the American Association for State and Local History!

Here you can have discussions and share resources with fellow history practitioners across the field. Most of our communities are informal Affinity groups that provide resources, advice, and networking to those interested in particular aspects or niches of public history work. Each Affinity Community is led by a committee of AASLH member volunteers who communicate regularly to steer the agenda, plan events, maintain a web presence and resource library, and facilitate communication with the wider group, with AASLH staff and Council, and with the field as a whole.

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  • Posted in: AASLH Open Forum
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  • By AASLH's Educators and Interpreters Affinity Community On April 21, the Educators and Interpreters group held their latest meet-up via Zoom to connect, share ideas, and network with colleagues from coast to coast. This informal discussion session covered site reopenings, working with classrooms, and finding surprising opportunities in the age of COVID. Below, E&I [...]
  • By John Dichtl, President and CEO, AASLH The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) once again has hosted its State Historical Administrators Meeting (SHAM), this time on Zoom, and attracted a record-setting number. Nearly forty heads of state museums, historical societies, and related state agencies, from Alaska to Alabama, Maine to Montana, [...]
  • Given that AASLH’s in-person, onsite annual conference will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas (September 22-25), we have been following recent news developments from that state capital. On April 6, 2021, Arkansas state legislators overrode the governor’s veto and passed a bill to ban gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender minors, making it the first [...]