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Welcome to the Community Center of the American Association for State and Local History!

Here you can have discussions and share resources with fellow history practitioners across the field. Most of our communities are informal Affinity groups that provide resources, advice, and networking to those interested in particular aspects or niches of public history work. Each Affinity Community is led by a committee of AASLH member volunteers who communicate regularly to steer the agenda, plan events, maintain a web presence and resource library, and facilitate communication with the wider group, with AASLH staff and Council, and with the field as a whole.

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  • Are you planning to attend the 2022 AASLH Annual Conference next month? Now is the time to register! This year’s conference offers: More than 60 learning sessions in nine engaging formats Evening events in Buffalo’s most unique places A town hall that will address how we can combat legislation restricting the teaching of history [...]
  • Did you know that the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) offers two conferences? In addition to the Annual Conference, which will be held in Buffalo this September, we also offer a Virtual Conference, which will be held November 1-3. Both conferences share the same theme, but each conference has its own, [...]
  • The theme of the 2022 AASLH Annual Conference is “Right Here, Right Now: The Power of Place.” Historic homes and sites know all about the powerful connections between the sense of place and an understanding of history. The Annual Conference will be held in Buffalo, New York, September 14-17. If you work at a [...]