About Us

Meeting the Needs of Small Museums
The Small Museums Committee is comprised of AASLH members who work for and serve small museums, their staffs, volunteers, and ultimately, their constituencies. The Committee’s major charge is to oversee AASLH’s work with the Small Museum community. We are focused on working with AASLH to provide thoughtful and useful resources for the unique needs of small museums.

In concert with AASLH, the committee gives careful thought and consideration about and to small museums. AASLH is thoughtful about the way it works with small museums, the resources it creates and provides, and as such, makes AASLH a valuable resource for small museums, members and non-members alike.

To accomplish our charge, the Small Museums Committee focuses on the following:

  • Creating and fostering Annual Meeting activities that are valuable for small museums. In addition to ensuring a variety of sessions geared towards small museums, the committee also works to ensure that the voices of small museums are heard alongside larger institutions in germane sessions.  The Small Museums Committee sponsors a luncheon at the annual meeting, and is proud to offer competitive scholarships to the annual meeting.
  • Developing Original Content for Small Museum Practitioners.  Through the blog at the AASLH website, the Small Museums online community, and the Big Ideas for Small Museums Newsletter, the committee strives to help small museums be the best they can be by providing the kinds of resources that small museums need and can benefit from.
  • Providing Learning Opportunities for small museum staffs and volunteers.  The Small Museums Committee is committed to presenting free online events on topics relevant to small museums.