Essential AASLH Small Museum Resources

Small Museum Toolkit

As a small museum staff person, you are responsible for a lot, including areas outside of your expertise or training. You need a quick reference that makes the process of becoming a sustainable, valued institution less overwhelming. The Small Museum Toolkit is a collection of six books that serves as a launching point for small museum staff to pursue best practices and meet museum standards.

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DIY Strategic Planning Technical Leaflet

Numerous small museums feel they do not have the time or staff to carry out strategic planning. Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko provides an approach for small museums considering strategic planning, adapted from the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum.

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Starting Right: A Basic Guide to Museum Planning

Are you thinking of starting a museum? Starting Right has been helping non-professionals learn the basics of museum planning for nearly three decades. This fully-revised, third edition will help you understand what you are getting into, evaluate prospects, avoid pitfalls, and take advantage of many kinds of available help.

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StEPs is a voluntary assessment program for small and mid-sized history organizations. Encourages awareness and achievement of national standards.
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How Sustainable is Your Historic House Museum?

Historic house museums face many challenges, from declining audiences to expensive maintenance. Making a sustainable institution requires audience engagement and effective marketing. This leaflet outlines 11 key components for creating a sustainable house museum and making it a valued organization within the community.
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