Robert G. Chenhall’s nomenclature for classifying man-made objects is the standard cataloging tool for thousands of museums and historical organizations across the United States and Canada. Nomenclature’s lexicon of object names, arranged hierarchically within functionally defined categories, has become a de facto standard within the community of history museums in North America.

Chenhall No.4

Nomenclature 4.0 is a much-expanded edition of Chenhall’s system originally published in 1978 and a significantly revised and updated edition of Nomenclature 3.0 published in 2010. Use this site to learn about Nomenclature 4.0, share news and ask advice, and submit your own proposals for additions and future editions.

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An AASLH task force monitors this community to promote and assist with the adoption of Nomenclature 4.0 and to keep Nomenclature the industry standard, responsive to the needs of the profession.

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The Nomenclature Task Force encourages users to suggest additions and changes to Nomenclature. The Task Force will carefully vet all submissions for use in the next version of Nomenclature.

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