Despite the Task Force’s best efforts, Nomenclature 3.0 and 4.0 do contain some errors of which users should be aware. We encourage users to mark their books to make necessary corrections.


Nomenclature 4.0 Errata


“Boat, Rangely” (p. 488, 545) should read “Guideboat, Rangeley”

“box, baling (use: Bailer, Well)” (p. 549) should read “box, bailing (use: Bailer, Well)”

“Goschen” (p. 488, 602) should read “Groschen”

“Heater, Convention” (p. 9, 610) should read “Heater, Convection”

“killik (use Anchor)” (p. 621) should read “killick (use Anchor)”

“Loom, Weight” (p. 244, 719) should be deleted.  The preferred term is “Loomweight” (p. 242) as noted on p. 719.

“Machine, Brading” (p. 213, 630) should read “Machine, Bradding”

“piece, ten-cent (use: Dime, Half)” (p. 651) should read “piece, ten-cent (use: Dime)”

“(use: Porte-Cochere)” (p. 658) should read “(use: Porte-Cochère)”

“Software, Multifunction System” (p. 360, 688) should read “Software, Multifunction”

“Sous Marqué” (p. 488, 688) should read Sou Marqué”

“spade, folding” (p. 688) is listed twice and should be listed only once

A number of non-preferred terms were omitted from pages 529-532 of the Index. For a list of these terms, please click here.


Nomenclature 3.0 Errata

The Nomenclature Task Force has corrected these errors in Nomenclature 4.0 and will update this page if additional errata are found.

The note for Apparatus, Breathing (p. 81) should read “respiratory,” not “repiratory.”

“Bag. Lunch” (p. 145) should be changed to “Bag, Lunch” (with a comma, not a period). Because of this typo, the term appears out of alphabetical order in the index (p. 448).

“Block,Construction” (p. 461) should be “Block, Construction”. The error causes the term to appear out of order in the index. The term appears correctly on p. 2.

The note for Case, Audio Equipment (p. 325) should read “item,” not “iitem.”

The note for Case, Public Entertainment (p. 418) should read “Entertainment,” not “Entertaiment.”

The note for Case, Visual Communication Equipment (p. 332) should read “item,” not “iitem.”

“Colotype” (pp. 391, 501) should be changed to “Calotype.”

“copier, xerogrpahic” (p. 506) should read “copier, xerographic.”

“Crusher. Seed” (p. 131) should be changed to “Crusher, Seed” (with a comma, not a period). Because of this typo, the term appears out of alphabetical order in the index (p. 511).

“Cup, Pallette” (pp. 191, 512) should be changed to “Cup, Palette.”

“Cutter, Sprue” under Armament Accessories should be eliminated (pp. 227, 514). The term was moved to Metalworking T&E but the old Revised Nomenclature classification was not removed; this created two identical terms in the book, and identical terms are no longer permitted.

“Dessicator” (pp. 248, 517) should read “Desiccator.”

Dessicator, Balance” (pp. 285, 517) should read “Desiccator, Balance.”

“Dish, Sherbert” (pp. 142, 520) should be changed to “Dish, Sherbet.”

The definition of Drafting T&E (p. 306) should read “equipment and,” not “equipmentand.”

“Dress, Redingdote” (pp. 71, 524) should be changed to “Dress, Redingote.”

The note for Fairing (p. 397) should read “knickknack,” not “knicknack.”

“Flask, Distilling” (p. 247) contains a typo; “Distlling” should be changed to “Distilling”

“Heater, Convention” (p. 6, 557) should read “Heater, Convection.”

“hoe, planation” (p. 558) should read “hoe, plantation.”

“Instrument, Meteorlogical” (pp. 284, 567) should be changed to “Instrument, Meteorological.”  (The same misspelling applies to this term’s note on p. 284.)

“Knife, Callous” (pp. 90, 574) should be changed to “Knife, Callus.”

The preferred term for knife, corn (p. 574) should read “Knife, Callus,” not “Knife, Callous.”

“Light, Holiday” should be moved to be a secondary term under “Decoration, Holiday.”

“Light, Christmas Tree” should be moved to be a tertiary term under “Light, Holiday” (all p. 381).

“Loop, Mast” (pp. 365, 584) should be changed to “Hoop, Mast.”

“Machine, Electrotheraphy” (pp. 280, 586) should read “Machine, Electrotherapy.”

The definition of Masonry & Stoneworking T&E (p. 166) should read “homogeneity,” not “homegeneity.”

“Pad, Horsehoe” (pp. 109, 607) should be changed to “Pad, Horseshoe.”

“Pestle, Pharmeutical” (pp. 273, 613) should be changed to “Pestle, Pharmaceutical.”

The definition of Photographic T&E (p. 315) should read “originally,” not “orginally.”

The definition of Photoprocessing Equipment (p. 319) should read “sensitive,” not “sensitve.”

“Pick, Hors d’Oeurve” (p. 144) should be changed to “Pick, Hors d’Oeuvre.” The term is spelled correctly in the index (p. 614).

“Radiophone” under Acoustical T&E should be eliminated (pp. 222, 634). The term was listed twice in Revised Nomenclature, but it should only be organized under Telecommunication Devices. It is erroneously listed twice in the book.

The note for Seeder, Centrifugal (p. 103) should read “centrifugal,” not “cenrifugal.”

“Shirt, Poodle” (pp. 145, 660) should be changed to “Skirt, Poodle.”

The preferred term for showcase (p. 661) should read “Case, Display,” not “case, display.”

“Stand, Blackmsith’s” (pp. 180, 673) should be changed to “Stand, Blacksmith’s.”

The term “Stove” (pp. 54, 678) should be eliminated. The last five secondary terms on page 54 are child terms of “Stove, Heating.”

“Table” was inadvertently left out of the book. It should be a primary term at the top of page 40 and included in the index on page 683. All the secondary table terms on pages 40-41 should be organized under it.

The definition of Telecommunication Media (p. 331) should read “Definition,” not “Defintion.”

“Tester, Babock” (pp. 134, 688) should be changed to “Tester, Babcock.”

The definition of Textileworking T&E (p. 195) should read “preparation,” not “prepartion.”

The definition of Timekeeping T&E (p. 296) should read “purposes,” not “puposes.”

“Vargueños” should be spelled “Vargueño” (pp. 38, 706).

“Vise, Harnessmaker’s” (pp. 166, 708) should be changed to “Vise, Harness Maker’s.”


Preferred Terms:

The preferred term for “cutter, nail” should be “Nipper, Toenail,” not “Nipper, Toe Nail” (p. 514).

The preferred term for “cutting, scissor” should be “Work, Cut Paper,” not “Work, Cut-Paper” (p. 515).

The preferred term for “plate, wiredrawing” should be “Die, Wire Drawing,” not “Die, Wiredrawing” (p. 621).

The preferred term for “printer, matrix” should be “Printer, Dot Matrix,” not “Printer, Dot-Matrix” (p. 628).

The preferred term for “truck, ladder” should be “Truck, Hook and Ladder,” not “Truck, Hook & Ladder” (p. 701).


Stray Words:

The stray word “Equipment” in the Notes column on p. 227 should be eliminated.


The following terms are listed out of alphabetical order relative to their sibling terms in the hierarchical portion of the book:

“Gutter,” “Head, Shower,” and “Heater, Water” (p. 9)

“Barrack” (p. 22)

“Coverlet” (p. 29)

“Glove, Driving” (p.62)

“Sari” and “Sarong” (p. 74; should be on p. 73)

“Apron, Cocktail” (p. 77)

“Teddy” (p. 78)

“Case, Card” (p. 85)

“Scraper, Tongue” (p. 93)

“Poacher, Egg” (p. 119)

“Pan, Comfit” (p. 121; should be on p. 120)

“Fork, Berry” (p. 143)

“Tool, Well Fishing” (p. 188; should be on p. 189)

“Phono-Projectoscope” (p. 221)

“Point, Projectile” (p. 235)

“Cleaner, Lamp Chimney” (p. 260; should be on p. 261)

“Wash-Pounder” (p. 263)

“Clamp” (p. 264)

“Slitter, Crown” (p. 271)

“Detector, Neutron” (p. 285)

“Software, Multifunction” (p. 302)

“Machine, Teaching” (p. 303)

“Triangle, Adjustable” (p. 308)

“T-Square” (p. 308)

“Burnisher, Printmaking” (p. 321)

“Needle, Etching” and “Echoppe” (p. 321)

“Perforator, Printing” (p. 323)

“Recorder, Audio Disk” (p. 327)

“Cart, Projector” (p. 332)

“Wheel, Vehicle Steering” (p. 348)

“Schooner, Prairie” (p. 354)

“Truck, Pumper/Aerial Ladder” (p. 358)

“Print, Planographic” (p. 392)

“Gear, Pole Vault” (p. 429)


The following terms are listed out of alphabetical order in the index:

“T-Square” (