FS-LIST Discussion Group

FS-LIST serves as a means of communication among members of the Field Services Alliance. It originally operated as a “manual listserv,” but was converted to an unlisted Yahoo! Group in November 2001.

FS-LIST was created in 1995 as a way for FSA members to hold “committee meetings” via e-mail. Members are added upon request or invitation. Individuals requesting membership will be asked to fill out and return a survey form before they can qualify for inclusion. The primary criteria is that one’s occupation involves the performance of field service work as inferred from the Alliance’s Mission Statement. Free-lance consultants and vendors are generally not considered to fall within those parameters. The services provided by Alliance members are typically workshops, publications, consultations, assessments, grants, award programs, and library services.

Appropriate topics of discussion on FS-LIST include program ideas, ethics, “how-to” questions, new resources available, job announcements, etc. In other words, we have expanded far beyond the original charge to “explore ways in which the Internet can be used to benefit FS efforts.” As long as it relates to field services work, any topic is fair game.

TO SUBSCRIBE members of the Field Services Alliance may subscribe by sending an e-mail request to hawkins@aaslh.org.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE, or withdraw, from FS-LIST just email FS-LIST-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com with the subject header — “FS-LIST: UNSUBSCRIBE”. In the body of the message, a brief statement about why you are withdrawing is optional, but appreciated. Such messages are treated as personal communication and are *not* forwarded to the list unless such action is requested.

TO SEND a message to the list, address it to FS-LIST@yahoogroups.com

You will automatically receive a copy of your own message when this occurs, thus verifying that it was forwarded to everyone.

A list of FSA members is available on the web. Not all FSA members subscribe to FS-LIST.

IN CONCLUSION, the standard advice when joining a discussion group or news group on the Internet is to “lurk” for several days until you get a feel for how the discussion is going and how the group conducts itself. That advice DOES NOT APPLY TO FS-LIST!!! Feel free to jump right in, even if only to introduce yourself to the other members. Your participation will be welcome and appreciated.

If you know others whose employment qualifies them for membership in the Field Services Alliance, please tell them know about FS-LIST and the Alliance. If you have questions about the Field Services Alliance or its activities, please let us know.