About Us

The Court and Legal History Affinity Group has met informally at the annual meeting of AASLH for more than a decade. In 2012, we became an officially recognized affinity group of AASLH and in 2015 changed our name to the Legal History Affinity Group. The AASLH meetings have been held in locations across and nation and in each city our group has been privileged to have a private tour at a federal or state courthouse.

AASLH Annual Meeting Events

At each AASLH annual meeting, our community hosts tours at a courthouse that include architectural tours, library tours, and meetings with judges. We follow our tour with a group meeting where we discuss topics of mutual interest, such as web site development, public programming, how to utilize materials in exhibits and similar topics. At this meeting participants exchange ideas, information and other pertinent materials.

Our group also sponsors and plans a general session open to all conference attendees. Our most recent program considered An Untapped Resource: How to Locate and Use Legal Cases at Historic Sites.

Through these activities we strive to develop a group of professionals who share a focused interest and common background. Some of the presentations at these meetings have been given by outside presenters, and others by members of our own group.


A valuable function of our group is the development of a network of professionals working in comparable fields and sharing similar focused interests. Through the use of a listserv, members of the group can seek information and advice from colleagues throughout the year. Please join our listserv by contacting Bethany Hawkins at hawkins@aaslh.org.